Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Social Media Marketing: The New Frontier

Internet users all across the world create and interact through online social media accounts. Sites like Facebook and Twitter have frequently been labeled as distractions for workers. But recently, social media marketing companies have proved that they do in fact generate tangible value for companies.

As commerce continues to shift online, social media represents the new frontier for marketing. Staying up to pace in today’s business world requires a commitment to marketing in these environments.

Breaking Free of the Pack

Many companies have already established sophisticated inroads in social media and utilize such expertise for marketing purposes. But for some industries, the world of social media remains relatively untapped for competitive advantage. Profiles and advertising in such mediums have been proven to directly generate sales.

Moreover, lesser known sites can grow in prominence quickly, and companies that can effectively market with these newcomers have the opportunity to lead the market. For instance, Snapchat began primarily as a user to user picture sharing service, but in recent months businesses have developed methods for increasing brand awareness by making and maintaining accounts that feature images and videos of products and services.

Mobile Marketing

Already, online marketing has spilled over into mobile specializations. In fact, mobile commerce is on pace to surpass the traditional online variety in the next few years. This explosive growth underscores the importance of developing mobile-friendly marketing strategies.

To stay on top of this increasingly complex realm of sites and platforms, look into social media marketing companies serving businesses in your local area.

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