Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Philadelphia SEO Companies Look Ahead to SEO Trends in the Next Decade

Every end of the year, online marketing experts make bold predictions as to what the future of SEO and other marketing strategies will be in the coming year, and for the year 2015, professionals forecast a rise on mobile usage and content-driven marketing, which are expected to become an essential part of every company’s SEO strategy. On the other hand, only few dared to look further into the future of SEO in the next ten years, and SEO companies in Philadelphia are already beginning to prepare for the future trends that are projected to pervade the online marketing industry.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Effective Social Media Optimization Requires Authenticity to Succeed

To truly have a successful social media optimization campaign, one of the values you must uphold is authenticity. You must present an authentic image on social media, with inputs that are real, meaningful, and helpful. To practice authenticity is to have an equally genuine voice on social media, which will serve as your online identity that is aligned with your brand’s mission and values.