Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The New Face of SEO

In the past, search engine optimization has been about link building and finding keywords that could generate a lot of traffic. With the changes in how various search engines rank websites, however, high-traffic keywords and tons of links just would not cut it anymore.

Content Marketing and Management

Although content has always been an integral part of any search engine optimization strategy, recent changes have put the onus more on providing quality articles over keyword-stuffed ones. Of course, you also have to realize that content now has come to mean not just article but also any audio-based or visual-based content including videos.

A Different Approach to Link Building

Google, long considered to be the top search engine has started a crackdown on low quality links. In most cases, this also included paid links as well as those links that can be found in press releases which most search engines have considered as unnatural links. That being the case, most SEO companies recommend earning links instead of paying for it. It would be best if the links would be coming from somebody else not related to your company.

Social Media and Your Popularity

While this can be a great way to get the word out about your business, building buzz about what you have posted would be more advantageous for your business. That said, encourage your audience to comment and interact with your post.

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