Thursday, December 18, 2014

Blog Me Up, Scotty

Blogging has certainly unleashed the writing talents of many people nowadays. From simple blogs on various personal thoughts to serious reviews, blogs are effective ways to share content with other people. Even so, a blog with some serious content will be of no use when nobody can even find it in a search result – which is why you need the support of a trusted SEO company in Philadelphia to give your business site a little more online prominence.

Effective Titling
Some people say that blog posts, like newspaper headlines, provide the best impact and give people incentive to read the text. In the field of search engine optimization or SEO, this involves writing the title around a specific keyword then wrap it in the HTML tag H1. A search engine’s spiders will account for it, as well as the keywords in the body of the text.

This Leads to…
One of the effective tools that bloggers can use for their pages is to link their other entries into the main article. For example, if you’re writing a New Year reflections piece and some part concerns a vital life event that you wrote about earlier, you can link that article to give readers a fuller picture or a better understanding of your content.

If you have a knack for writing content that is informative and professionally crafted, you will want to work on making it better and more visible online. Your readers will thank you for it. 

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