Friday, May 1, 2015

SEO and Making Users Happy

Google has been making numerous updates to their algorithms over the years, and businesses with a website must be aware of them to win at the SEO game. Search engines like Google are now more concerned about making their users satisfied when they conduct a search, and are also valuing websites that are not only functional but are also frequently visited because of a positive user experience (UX). Websites that align themselves with the aim of making their users happy are the ones likely to be on top of a search results page.

Why UX Matters

There are two key factors as to why a positive UX is now a must for websites, namely page load speed and optimization. 52 percent of users and online shoppers consider fast page loading times as an important factor in a good user experience, making your website speed among the vital things that could keep your customers satisfied, along with special offers and loyalty reward programs. If not, they are likely to take their business elsewhere.

How can you improve upon the speed of your website? One way to do so is to completely optimize all the content in your website, taking out elements that are merely decorative and contribute to slowing down your website speed. Your content should also remain relevant by posting blog posts or videos for your website to remain fresh in the eyes of your users and of Google.

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