Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Infographics: The Secret to SEO Success

Every savvy online marketer knows that to experience SEO success, their website must have quality inbound links. To gain these, Matt Cutts marketing guru suggests doing excellent, interesting, compelling, and useful “stuff”. In the early days of online marketing, “stuff” often meant guest blogging. However, this has grown to become a “spammy” practice these days, so instead of guest blogging, businesses should turn their efforts to creating infographics as a link building tactic. 

Why Infographics?

According to study, 90 percent of the information people remember most is based on visual impact. This is the main aim of infographics: turn information into easy-to-understand visuals. Due to the ease at which they relay information, such deceptively simple visual aids have the potential to stand out over a billion pieces of content posted every day. Not only are infographics visually appealing and plenty eye-catching, but they are also extremely shareable around the web, from a WordPress blog or website, to social media and beyond.

Creating Appealing Infographics

There are two main steps to creating an appealing infographic. First, generate a timely and useful idea. Second, make a great design. Infographics wouldn’t be relevant if they don’t have useful content, and useful content would be useless if design is awful. Create a visually and informatively compelling infographic, and you’ll be well on your way toward gaining more inbound links.

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