Thursday, November 12, 2015

Are You Unleashing the Power of Social Media?

Social media is playing a more important role in marketing than ever before due to the fact that millennials and other young professionals are turning to social media for more and more of their news, entertainment and education. Finding leads on social media is a great way to generate traffic to your site since you can target customers based off of the preferences that are listed in their profiles. For a fraction of the cost of other advertising methods, you can reach people who will most likely have a connection or need for your product or service.

Gaining traffic through social media sites takes a focused effort by a marketing department. Putting a corporate page on Facebook is easy, but the top performers know how to use this site to engage their customers and create a passionate following. Whether it is a giveaway campaign for people who share the site or a promo code for people who like a site, Facebook is a great tool for companies that are looking to step into the social media sphere.

Philadelphia brands that are already focusing on search engine optimization can use social media marketing to compliment their efforts. Increased exposure across different platforms is important in today's market since customers are turning to non-traditional locations for their shopping needs. Companies can also engage with their customers via fun videos and interesting memes via YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and a host of other social media sites that get millions of views.

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