Monday, February 8, 2016

Selecting Keyword Phrases for an SEO Campaign

One of the key factors that will influence the overall success of your search engine optimization campaign relates to the keywords and phrases that you select. These are the words that your target audience will enter into a search query to find your business, and they are the words that you want to sprinkle in strategically throughout your text so that search engines can pick up on them.

Selecting these words may seem easy enough. After all, you simply ask yourself which words your target audience will choose to use when searching for your services or products. However, there is more to it than this.

While you want to choose words and phrases that your audience will use to find your website, you also want to choose keyword phrases that your competition is not using. This is because your goal is to rank high in the search results, keeping in mind that most users will only look at the first few results that are generated in a search query. Therefore, avoid the most common or obvious keyword searches.

Instead, focus on localized and specific keywords and phrases that may also be searched for. Localizing your keyword phrases is critical if you have a local target audience, and be sure to use major metropolitan area names as well as suburbs, neighborhoods, landmarks and more that your audience may use to find you. When you keep these important tips in mind, you can enjoy superior results from your SEO efforts.

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