Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Social Media Optimization Required After Facebook Algorithm Change

Just because something is small doesn’t mean it’s insignificant. Take, for instance, the 28 million small businesses across the country. According to 2013 statistics, small businesses employ about 50% of the working population and are responsible for creating about 65% of all new jobs since 1995.

Of course, small businesses like chiropractic clinics don’t have big-corporation budgets when it comes to advertising. Luckily, establishments have used social media as a cost-effective way of building an audience and a customer base.

But, if you have been reading the news lately, you have probably heard that Facebook has changed its algorithm yet again, giving even higher priority to posts from friends and family, thus pushing branded content further down the timeline. For smaller businesses that utilize Facebook for marketing, this is no small matter. 

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