Monday, January 12, 2015

SEO: Importance of Link Building

Link building involves acquiring backlinks that point to your site. These links make up one of the factors search engines consider when ranking a site, and are thus important components of an SEO strategy. Given this, one thing to keep in mind about link building is that search engines look not only at the number of backlinks, but at the quality of the links as well. In fact, more weight is placed on quality links, than on a high number of links.

Quality links are usually those coming from a large, reputable site, or from sites that are relevant to yours. It is better to gain links from these sites than having a number of links from blogs or small-scale sites.
As they remain an important ranking signal in search engine algorithms, links should not be disregarded. Some experts believe, though, that their benefits go beyond this. Quality links can also improve brand exposure, and foster relationships with other respected sites.

Links also serve to promote your site, and thus your brand. When your site is linked, it has the effect of a confidence vote, which enhances your reputation and credibility. This can be achieved only with quality links, however, which you can develop with the help of SEO experts.

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